Review – Microsoft Press JavaScript Step by Step 2nd Edition

Review – Microsoft Press JavaScript Step by Step 2nd Edition

Microsoft Press JavaScript Step by Step 2nd Edition
Microsoft Press JavaScript Step by Step 2nd Edition

JavaScript is the backbone of any web application development, whether you’re adding interactivity web form validating script to a web page or creating an entire JavaScript Ajax based application; JavaScript plays a vital role.

Learning JavaScript is a fun. JavaScript Step by Step is an introductory book which definitely helps you in Learning JavaScript. This book starts from basics of JavaScript web programming language. You get introduce with JavaScript from its Brief History. A small JavaScript exercise always refreshes your learning.

This book is divided into 5 parts and each part focuses on different aspects of JavaScript Learning. Part I – JavaWhat? The Where, Why, and How of JavaScript; introduce you with ECMAScript standard, What is there in a JavaScript Program, What Can and Can’t JavaScript Do and Writing JavaScript with Visual Studio 2010. Visual Studio 2010 lets developers quickly deploy web applications with JavaScript enhancements.

Part – II Applying JavaScript; introduces us with Conditionals and Loops statement supported by JavaScript, How to deal with Functions, Object-Oriented JavaScript Development and The Browser Object Model.

Part III – Integrating JavaScript into Design; deals with advance JavaScripting like The Document Object Model, JavaScript Events and JavaScript Event Handler, Understanding and Consuming JavaScript Cookies, Working with Images, JavaScript Web Forms, CSS, JavaScript Error Handling.

Part IV AJAX and Server-Side Integration; We learn using XML with JavaScript, Working with XML Data from Excel 2007, Understand the components that go into a JavaScript-based application and then JavaScript AJAX and Working with JSON.

Part V – jQuery; is totally dedicated on jQuery. We start with Understanding Programming Libraries and Defining Your Own JavaScript Library. We get an Introduction with jQuery JavaScript Libraries, Frameworks, jQuery Effects and Plug-Ins.

There is an Appendix; this appendix shows the answers and explanations for the exercises that have appeared throughout the book. As the name itself suggest this is a good book for beginners to start learning JavaScript step by step.

Book Details:

JavaScript Step by Step
By: Steve Suehring
Publisher: Microsoft Press
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