Text and Data Manipulation with Regular Expressions in .NET Development

Text and Data Manipulation with Regular Expressions in .NET Development

Regular expressions(or regex) is a language used for more sophisticated form and text processing. They are often used to perform complex search-and-replace operations, and to validate that text data is well-formed. Today, regular expressions are supported by most programming languages, as well as many scripting languages (like Perl, ASP, Visual Basic, .NET, C#, Java, JSP, PHP,Python, ColdFusion, Tcl, Ruby and many other languages), editors (EmEditor, TextPad), applications (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, StarOffice, OpenOffice), databases(MySQL, SQL Server), and command-line tools.

Here we see a hands on approach to solve the needs of the majority of RegEx to manipulate data. I have try my best to provide ready to use source for lattest version of ASP.NET, VB.NET, C#.NET. All the example described here are tested with Visual Studio 2008. I have try to cover all important and mostly used regular expressions. If you face with any error or you have new idea which needed to be cover here. Please drop your feedback for me. Ok!, let’s get started…

Getting Started with Regular Expressions basic essentials

Regular Expressions development in .net

  • Regular Expressions in .net – An Introduction
  • System.Text.RegularExpressions Namespace
  • .net Regular Expression Classes
    • Capture
    • CaptureCollection
    • Group
    • GroupCollection
    • Match
    • MatchCollection
    • Regex
    • RegexCompilationInfo
    • RegexRunner
    • RegexRunnerFactory

Working with Text using Regular Expressions

Working with form data using Regular Expressions

URLs, Paths, HTML, XML using Regular Expressions

Miscellaneous text patterns and data manipulation using Regular Expressions


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